Crimes and No Punishments

 The opinions in this post are not based on popular sentiments, but they are my own and you are free to disagree

OK, this Nirbhaya gangrape case in Delhi was a shocker that woke up the nation from its slumber to demand some action..So far so good..
But we have become too emotional and shortsighted due to the violence of the crime, to see the roots of all the evil that has seeped into the Indian society.

At the risk of being branded a conservative prude, I still say, all this is because of the sociological and cultural revolution sweeping in from the west where ‘being cool or looking hot’ means more important than behaving safely, ethically, legally within certain limitations etc..

In one breath, you demand the Police should not be everywhere but in another, you cry that they are not around when you want them!!
Police have a lot of limitations too in this country… Already saddled with the label of being most corrupt  for all they do and don’t, they are also severely understaffed ( understaffed at least for the common man, while VIPs have many guards drawn from this depleted Police force!)..

I was saying, don’t we slam any attempt by Police in bringing public order and restrictions as an infringement of our privacy, and scorn at them as ‘corrupt Moral Police’, who love snooping around young couples, and party birds, ‘instead of doing their work’?..

If they restrict the happy hours, they are criticized… If they arrest drunken drivers on New Year’s eve , they are branded party-poopers..

If they chase away couples from dark shady spots for security on Valentines day, we are up in arms claiming that ‘this country has matured, while Police have not’ …
So, its like damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Besides, everyone is very eager to pay the price ( which is usually a bribe) and quickly get out of such nasty embarrassing situations…How many of us like being fined for obvious flouting of rules…None, right?

When we do not want to live within the defined limits of decency, legality  and discipline, let alone moral bounds, how can we expect others to?… Especially the probable criminals who could be your car drivers, bus conductors, street vendors and louts who have the least access to education and good upbringing and are usually a deprived, hungry, angry class?

Are we being good role models to them in our indecent display of unbridled liberated youths?

So, if you do not want ‘Moral’ police around you, then you cannot wish away IMMORAL criminals too from risky spots either, right?
What do you want the Police to do then?..No one is wearing labels on their forehead as rapists or thugs or whatever.
They are just like the rest of us who want to have forbidden fun without getting caught.

In any case, what’s so wrong in being ‘Moral’, it’s not a four letter word, Rape is..
I am not holding a candle for the Police here, but surely the onus of making the country a safe, legally correct and ethical place to inhabit rests on all of us too being upright and straightforward upfront?

Can we take such a pledge on the New Year’s eve please, instead of demanding public hanging and chemical castrations which are impractical knee jerk reactions and will never happen in our brand of democracy..

As the latest Talaash film’s taglines said, ‘the answer lies within..’

Lets take a look inside, it’s been a long time since we did.


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