Rajesh Khanna: My Aakhri Khat on his Safar

 (A Tribute using his Film titles)


No one knows the ‘Raaz ‘of his success. Carrying new ‘Baharon ke Sapne’ in his eyes he became a ‘Chaailla babu’ who quickly ascended the position of ‘Bombay Superstar’.

Even when he became a ‘Namak haraam’ to someone, he was still a ‘Shehzada’ of his times.

He was a ‘Bhola bhala’ who claimed that ‘Haathi Mere saathi’ but could not live like a ‘Joroo Ka Ghulam’

But when he declared `Mere jeevan saathi’ became `alag alag’, his life became ‘Fiffty-Fiffty’.

 He created a unique “Bandhan” with the film lovers of his generation and his home Ashirwad became the ‘Prem nagar’ for his stalking, crazed female admirers.

Being no `Ajnabee’ to success he became a ‘bawarchi’ who cooked up sumptuous super hits of ‘Anand’ year after year for us.

He toiled like a ‘Janata hawaldar’ relentlessly and entertained each single ‘Anurodh’ of admirers.

`Mehbooba’s came went in his life but no one could bind him in their ‘Aanchal’ in a permanent ‘Prem Bandhan’.

He got entangled in the ‘Chakravyuha’ of life when he tried some ‘Thodisi Bewafai’ with it. Everyone wondered, ‘Aakhir Kyon’?

He became a ‘Dushman’ to many and what he did later was dubbed as just ‘Bundalbaaz’.

They say his ‘Dard’ was ‘Kudrat’s gift for all his ‘Karm’.  He never acted as if was just a ‘Naukri’ but romanced the screen like an ‘Aaashiq hoon baharon kaa’.

In his ‘Avtaar’ as the Superstar, he had achieved his ‘Maqsad’ and but in the later years his Box office ‘Nishaan’ started wavering.

But no worry, Rajesh Khanna’s `Aradhana ‘does not simply end here..

He might have flown away like a ‘Kati patang’, without any ‘Bandish’ but his fans still harbour ‘Amar prem’ for him…He was the ‘Roti’ and butter of the bygone 70s , his songs and movies replayed innumerable times on DVDs in homes even today.

In ‘Apna Desh’, he will always be coveted under our ‘Palkon ki chaaon mein!’

‘Dil daulat Duniya’ might have changed him over the years, but we always will not attach any ‘Daag’ to you, ‘Aap Ki kasam’!

 Here is a ‘Red Rose’  for the ‘Masterji’ who has captured the ‘Dil E Nadaan’ of an entire generation!

Lastly Kishore da , there would be no Rajesh Khanna , ‘Agar tum na hote’


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