Moving here from Blogger…

Why am I here on WordPress now, doing the same things I used to do on blogspot all the while?

All the talk and goings-on in the courts regarding content regulations and measures to censor objectionable content in India has shaken blogger owned by Google into some action. But then it took action on its hapless free users in such affected countries..

They moved ALL Indian blogs ( geographical location from user’s  viewpoint only) from the main server to, the Indian server.. The funniest thing is you cannot even login to a Home page of yet..Servers simply redirect the URLs of .Com  depending on the region to specific Regional servers like .in, .uk or .au..

Therein lies a present problem..

Servers being  ‘servers’, they do not really serve you the same way …

To be more precise, I found that my blogger templates on my existing blog did not load properly, all my useful editing tools missing from my log in and  post page and  my readers’ count got reset etc in no time after their ill advised and sudden move without a forewarning..

So I just imported my Blogger log into wordpress account to continue without hassles here.. The WordPress is more stable, User-friendly and has no regional domain filters ..yet!

So I am happy and hope you all will be too!

My new blog id is now : 

So Welcome all, my old posts are still there.. I still need to tweak a few things , but then that is my concern and has no consequences for you..

Please bookmark my new blog id and Happy Reading!!

Thanks for your support!


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