My Resolutions and I

Oh..Everyone makes resolutions for  a New year..I make mine too, just for myself..Now between you and me..Pssst!

Here is what is likely to be their fate!


Second thoughts..
To walk daily mornings
Outside?..No compelling reason! (We have to go out to go to office anyway!)
..Inside the house?..To bathrooms and Kitchen…Oh, Yes!
To reduce the weight/waist line
I will wear ‘lighter costumes’ …lighter in weight,
 I mean!… never check my weight on a machine again..till next year…
Besides if I reduce my size, what happens to my present clothes..Buy again?…No way!
Not to eat too many sweets and fried items..
How will sweetmeat stall owners and bhajji-bondawllahs live?..C’mon. I can’t be so mean or selfish!…Live and Let live, yaar!
To get my teeth checked by Dentist regularly
Only if it hurts and when it hurts..Otherwise his bill usually hurts more!
Not to do Net surfing late at night
Then when…Day time, taking leave from Office?
Not to blog about Politics or scams..
It is politically correct to blog about scams, I believe..
Not to download movies from the Net
Why do we have an Internet connection then?..
’Internally net ‘ the movies, is my mantra!
And finally…Never to make any New year resolutions again..
Yay! …Double thumbs –up!

Care to join me in some more?


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