My Favorite Kishore Duets- video links

Legendary singer of Bollywood and my favorite male voice, Kishore Kumar sang many wonderful and memorable duets with Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Aarti Mukerjee and a host of others for heroes from Dev Anand to Sachin for decades he was active…Here is an attempt to recapitulate his versatile talent in some of what I consider his 25 Best songs … This is my next after the previous post on Kishore solos…

These are again the presently available you-tube links of original film song clips..

Download them as long as they are availble…Cilck the links and follow to youtube site,,
You can record the songs to your computer with firefox /download helper..Sometimes the videos may be removed by youtube.

You could still search in the site with the title as keyword…

Enjoy and share…Let me know if you had any difficulty or if you want some other songs of his…


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