Review: My name is ….ENOUGH!

The only message that comes across clearly from the movie ‘My name is Khan’ is that

All American Muslims should not be treated like terrorists in America by other fellow Americans and US president is supposed to ensure that


But what beats me is why is this film called a ‘Hindi’ film, a bollywood product and is being released in India with so much fanfare and unnecessary (perhaps sponsored) controversy?

Moreover, besides being irrelevant to this country, the dialogue in the movie is 75% of time in English with fake accents…It can hardly qualify as a ‘Hindi’ film and much less as an Indian film…

The performances by the lead pair are average; leaves you with a feeling that you have seen it all before…

Even if we agree that Muslims should not be viewed with suspicion and much less subjected to violent discrimination in that country (I say `even if we agree’, because there is no strong reason proposed by the film maker to that effect!), the hero need not have been affected by Autism or more appropriately Asperger’s syndrome which is a very strange affliction and is certainly not common enough among ‘only Muslims’ that they should be given an exemption from suspicion!

That USA, as well as other ‘white’ countries need to look at the humanitarian crisis created due to their Anti Muslim fixation is indisputable but this artificial film hardly makes a strong case for it.

Besides, others say this movie is liberally lifted from other english movies- Rainman (Dustin Hoffman) and Forrest Gump( Tom Hanks). I haven’t seen either and perhaps they are right.

In any case nothing looked very original in this film anyway.

In fact we are getting sick of watching ‘sick heroes’ affected by unfamiliar diseases-Paa, Ghajini and now MNIK.

Give me Hrishida’s Anand anyday where the hero braves the ‘familiar’ cancer with unfamiliar courage and fortitude.


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