Kurbaan: Terror flick in un "saif” hands

I saw “Kurbaan”, the much hyped Hindi thriller from Karan Johar factory.

I can give it only 2 out of possible 5. And that is considering its very few meritorious points.

The possibility of an intelligent Hindu Green card holding Psychology professor ( Kareena) falling in love with an aging( Age shows) Muslim professor( Saif Ali) who comes up with unbelievable corny lines, is in itself a no-brainer.

Add to this, the chances of both getting Visa/ permission or whatever to USA in this day and age is too slim to be swallowed too.

Once in USA, she insists on renting a house which has strange neighbors who later turn out to her hubby’s fidayeen unit members with evil designs, wanting to cause mayhem for US’s Afghan atrocities back home..How all of them managed to reach the shores of USA after 9/11 ad Iraq is again implausible…How and why Kareena managed to select the very same house from amongst many houses they see in the process is also baffling…The director meanders along with a medley of soulless characters, the best of whom is Vivek Oberoi, who starts well but when he says that ‘he will take on suicide bombers on his own without Police help’, you ask yourself, “Is he for real?”..And he is supposed to be a media person with American upbringing…hmmm..

If that was not unbelievable enough, the normal American intelligence guys and why , even commoners who call FBI even if their cat caught cold in the snow are credited by Karan Johar and Co with as much ‘intelligence’ as the normal Mumbai policemen exhibited during 26/11 times..

Saif looks jaded; his transformation from a wooing professor to fearless terrorist lacks conviction…Kareena is OK in parts but looks wafer thin…

Their much discussed Chemistry?…Well , it is more ‘Physics’, I daresay…

Karan Johar and terror subject looks to be a very un”saif” proposition indeed…

And yes, “New York ” was much better somehow…


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