Maps to Invasions by Pak?

The Picture says it all…

and there are two here..

To show the Pak wishlist of sinister designs to annex India as a whole by 2012 and 2020… Not a figment of imagination, but published in Daily Express, a Paki Newspaper..

See it to believe their audacity…

Click on the links below to see images in a new window >


One response to “Maps to Invasions by Pak?

  1. Thtas Terrific Nagesh, Fisrt I came to know about yr Blog while I was searching about Naadi Jyothisya Articles, By seeing these Pictures, I feel like Cursing on The Indian Govt , and The Buerocracy which is one of the Worst in the World still leaving Pakistan a Room in this World even after the Mumbai attacks, Kargil attack, ISI attacks, Bomb Blasts, Killing Innocent people, sand every time saying Issuing ” warning Messages” , to Pakistan which are Useless and Now even a small kid on that Land Dared to Show thier Bold attacks on us, Sandhya

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