Money takes a break ?

I am talking about Economic meltdown, slowdown …’down’, that’s it…that’s what it’s all about…Being ‘down’…But Not OUT, you said?..Oh, you can afford to be optimistic. Sadly not many share that optimism though one always believed that world is round, what goes up must come down and such platitudes…

Are you asking who am I to talk about all this big economic fundas? I have never been a financial expert at any point in life, a rank amateur when come to money matters, at most. That’s also exactly it. This time it’s affecting even normally unaffected technocrats .. Like me…

Why is that not many today share this optimism that things will one day be better?
That’s because it seems too many people have lost too much , to be consoled with empty words…Not just money..Not even their jobs and affluent lifestyle hitherto provided by tech success..Some have lost lives too..The family killings and suicides by frustrated and defeated individuals makes one sad, one has to sit up and take notice..

Thats when you say to yourself..Oh, Money matters..

But sadly it seems money has taken a break and gone on a sabbatical away from the hustle and bustle of financial markets…and they are all searching for it…

If you find it, tell me for sure…!


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