Making peace with terror?

Making peace with terror?

Are we to live with terror now with as much disdain and nonchalance as we do with corruption, filth and dowry deaths?
Till about a decade ago, apart from the worst affected areas like Kashmir or Punjab or the volatile North east, terror per se was unknown as a major menace to the rest of India, even though other evils like bribery, chain snatching or dowry deaths were much more pervasive.
Today we hear bomb blasts by serials one day in the bustling Mumbai, a terrorist gun skirmish in salubrious Bangalore the other day and devastating explosions in the upcoming Nizami city of Hyderabad close on its heels

Which is why I ask the question: Are now resignedly to shrug and live with terror? Just as we accepted the earlier evils in our multiracial, multilingual social fabric?
One would argue why, America could not accept one terror act in its stride, so why should we take this kind of daily hammering of our innocent populace and cities with the all-forgiving ‘chalta hai’ attitude or a nonchalant ‘Kaliyug ka khel’ platitude?

Oh so, that is because ‘America is America and India is India’ , is it? Whatever it means?

I am neither saying we shouldn’t nor am I proposing that we should live and let die all our countrymen thus.

But I want to look at a more pertinent question… Are we all becoming more and more immune to others’ suffering and take even horrid acts of terror which claim hundreds of lives just as we take a Sanjay dutt bail or a Salman khan imprisonment?….I mean as just another news headline?
I mean, coolly sipping coffee and lounging on your favourite couch in front of the Idiot Box all the while?

If that is all we can do, have we at least been fair to the most formidable and capable Army and Air-force, not to speak of the Navy, this country proudly possesses? What about them? Have we given them a free hand and rein to curb this menace?
Are we not capable of defending our land and peoples from invasion of enemy threats now, be it from an impoverished Bangladesh or a microscopic Maldives?( One news channel claims Maldives is the new station for Anti Indian terrorists)

Should we blame it on the old bogey of ‘Vote bank politics’ and soulless politicians just as we do for everything else?

When our ‘oh-so-secular’ TV Channels applaud the brave Mumbaikars for not being cowed down by terror by coming out for work the very next day or congratulate Hyderabadis for their ‘never say die’ spirit( sic? Look at that term too!) soon after the blasts, who are we kidding?

Aren’t we being heartless and even spineless by flaunting our ‘Nero Was Fiddling’ nonchalance when fellow countrymen are dying?
At this rate, we would never have won Independence from foreign rule 50 years ago if such uncaring and unperturbed attitude were things of virtue even in the peaceful Gandhiji’s days…

Heck, One would think the TV wallahs of today would even take a ‘Jallian walla bagh massacre’ without batting an eyelid and their flashlights popping while hunting for newsmakers of the day.

So many questions…Galling, frustrating and even haunting…Are Indian minds now turned insensitive and immune by enduring tormenting hate acts all these years, so much so that we have neither time nor interest to look squarely at the face of the terror that stares us in the face and makes mockery of our security, time and time again?


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