New Year beckons…

Old Order changeth yielding place to new, said Tennyson, a famous English poet on time and change.

It happens constantly, ceaselessly, all the time. I mean TIME itself.

Vedas proclaim ‘Kaalaya tasmai namaha

A new year and one again full of new aspirations and expectations is here.

Sceptics may say it is just like the so many old years when they were new… They dismiss it as a ‘January phenomenon’.

As I return to Chennai home on Jan 2, I look at the waves breaking on the Marina Beach in the misty dawn…Reminds me that tides don’t wait either just like time…

Well, Time changes many things just as times change themselves.

It has been a full year to this December since ‘yours faithfully’ made Chennai his home and base, shifting out of a cool and comfy Bangalore home in the winter of December 2005.

Times were different then. As well as difficult.

Those who know us know well how tough it has been for me and the family. Me here alone in a bachelor pad, dear wife managing career, children and home single handedly and astutely too. She and children together did a remarkable job of it back home..

Very glad and relieved that we have survived the acid test of time and emerged more solid and stronger than ever before. They also say Time is the Best healer and it could not have been truer for me.

Then again, I was completely reassured of the truth of the statement ‘Times change…’when I heard the familiar voice of a dear friend and ex-colleague from Bangalore who had just moved in to a new career, new home… why, new life itself in Chennai on the First of January…

Here is wishing everyone happiness, health, peace and success as well as progress in the first week of the 2007.

I fondly remember and recall all those of you who have encouraged me with words of encouragement and praise on my blog that kept coming on and off on diverse topics that my mind took fancy to.

I could not have carried on with much enthusiasm and interest if the readership was not equally so.

Speaking for myself, a lot has been done but more challenges are a coming.

In the year we have decided to move into Chennai as a full family. There are various things being thought and planned by wife and me. You will all soon learn of it as the events unfold.

I am sure all of you will wish me well and be with me in all my efforts… blogs or life itself…

Thanks, friends!!

Will be back soon…. another day, another topic..


One response to “New Year beckons…

  1. I too had been through this phase several years ago.It is part of life.You are fortunate that Chennai is just an overnight journey from Bangalore.I had to live alone in Quilon in Kerala back in 1982-83 for a year and then at Hazira in Gujarat in 1988-1990 while the wife managed career, home and family at Bangalore.I could not visit the family as often as you are perhaps managing to do.It was a trying time but we came through successfully. I am sure you too will manage your affairs well. I supose the “dear friend and ex-colleague” you are referring to is SRS.He told me about his latest career move just before departure.I wish both of you all the best.Keep in touch.Wishing you a happy new year and with regards,GV

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