When it rains, it pours in Chennai


Well, it is close to 4 days since Rain Gods started visiting Chennai on a daily basis. Even as I write these lines, it thundered rather ominously creating ripples of vibration that shook the window panes.

I have been seeing the City simply reel under the waves of swirling waters that are pouring down continuously in the last 3 days. Water logging, inundated subways galore. Some unfortunate souls living in shanties and low-lying areas have had their homes and lives shattered. News and Print Media has been showing pictures saying as much.

Many areas have been submerged with more than 3 ft of water and office goers and school children living there are having forced holidays, stuck with hardly any help from Corporation authorities vested with rescue efforts coming forth.

Well, to be fair, they say the problem is much less this time around, compared to last year, but that is little consolation to those who are suffering this time around. Citizens in the low-lying areas in Southern marshes at Velachery and nearby Madipakkam are living nightmares from the last 3 days.

The notoriously old and dilapidated North Chennai drains are full of water too. My place in Adyar in South Chennai is one of the more fortunate ones not to have had too much of water logging this time. Touch wood!

The City’s people and the infrastructure have been given a reality check more like an Endurance test in the face of natural adversities!! People have scraped through showing grit and resilience or even plain nonchalance but the infrastructure and the authorities have a lot to catch up…Some console me saying that it is same in every city nowadays. Look at Mumbai, they say…

But on the plus side, The Corporation trucks with pumps mounted are working round the clock clearing the water bottle necks but they are facing an uphill task.
Also on the positive side, the power supply is quite stable through the rains except for a few hours when the thunder and lightning in the night was very aggressive and probably the power was switched off more as a precaution. There have been some tree falls across the roads at some places and some accidents by drowning too.
The weather by the way has become quite pleasant too as a result of torrential rains. For the first time in the year, I did not need an A.C. in the night for comfort.

They say this time north-east Monsoon is riding on a depression in the Bay of Bengal. That is said to be the reason for such heavy and consistent downpours.

Some local pundits say that these rains now assure a full year of trouble free water supply as the City reservoirs at Red Hills and Poondi are fast filling up to their brims

All in all,
The life goes on for most of the City…,


One response to “When it rains, it pours in Chennai

  1. It’s been raining here too, in Bangalore but fortunately there were no floods.I was shocked to hear the report of three office goers who had rolled up their windows in their Santro to prevent water from entering the car. They died of Carbon monoxide poisoning.It’s better not to venture out at all in weather like this.Easier said than done.I now operate from a home office.Everyone is not so fortunate.What’s hot news (and gossip) here in Banglore are the exploits of Nikhil (The Ex-PM’s grandson).The press (particularly Times of India) is having a field day.Do we have another Manu Sharma or Rahul Mahajan in the making?Poor Kumaraswamy had my sympathies till yesterday.I pictured him as a harried father disappointed with the wayword activies of a spoilt son. But now his cover up and face saving attempts have put me off.No one said a word against the Chief Minister.He couldn’t be blamed for this.But does he have to use his powers so blatantly to cover this up?He could have quietly settled the matter with the victims and allowed his son to cool his heels for a couple of days in the lockup and come out with credit for being impartial.But he has proved to be another Drithiraashtra.Politician’s have a thick skin.He will survive this also.Glad to hear you could spend Deepawali at home.I wish we had met.Do try to visit me next time.It would be great to see you againKeep blogging.RegardsGV

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