Been to Bangalore for Diwali and back…

I went over to Bangalore and celebrated Diwali with my family of Mother, Wife and children there. My aunt accompanied my mother too and it was real fun to be back at home with everyone.
Tired though I was, I took time out with my Children and enjoyed helping them burst crackers, which I had carried with me from Chennai.

There were, lots of sweets too, a couple of packets which again, I had taken there myself.
But sharing sweets and enjoying family coziness really helped. Plus, the Bangalore is now at its pleasant best with just a shade of chill…

We spent one day visiting Malleswaram, the good old locality where wife and I grew up. The temples, the Restaurants, the works…Its all there just the way it always was..

I do feel the sounds from crackers in the city were on the decline this year, a welcome thought as far sound and smoke pollution is concerned, but it set me thinking if children had lost the zeal and enthusiasm which we had exhibited in our days. No early morning rude awakening by familiar cracker bursts at all…In fact, none till as late as 8 am on the festival day.

May be this Computer generation had become couch potatoes after all.

Everyone says that Consumerism is on the upswing, the buying power had increased etc…May be they don’t necessarily spend on as much on Crackers as on DVDs and Video games?
Or have the crackers and fireworks started getting exorbitant year after year?

Any way, back in Chennai, right after alighting in the wee hours at the Central Station I was pleasantly surprised that the vicious heat that had teamed up with acute humidity till now was replaced by rainy and cool weather. The papers say the Northeast Monsoon, the main rain-bearer to the City is around the corner.

Just as well. Thank heavens, I mean literally!!


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