Diwali 2005 at Prashanthi Nilayam!

We were blessed to have His darshan on Nov 1 and 2 the auspicious days of Diwali and Gujarati New year celebrations.Nov 1 morning darshan was the usual simple ‘Car’ darshan but sent thrills around the seated devotess who had waited for 3 hours for the same.

On Nov 1 a/n 4 30 pm or so, Swami arrived in his Customised Toyota and landed Himself smoothly to center stage to the cheerful applause of devotees to give his Full body darshan after several days of only ‘Car darshan’.He spent time in the middle listening to the auspicious ‘veda ghosha’ from sai students for nearly 45 min.Many expected a speech but it was not to be.

The next day, Nov 2 was Balipadyami festival for Karnataka and AP devotees and Gujarati New year celebrations too.The Sai Kulwant hall was decorated with yellow and red bright flowers and buntings and boards displaying Gujarat state Mandali’s activities in the last 2 years.
They distributed descriptive pamphlets of their Unit activities back home.

As Swami arrived, the Gujarati children welcomed swami with decorated pots held atop like Poorna kumbha.The song went, “Prem se Aavo Prabhuji….”as the car arrvied smoothly into the hall.and then followed with one ‘Satya palka’ a song describing the multifacted sai avatar and his activities.As swami descended from his car to the centerstage, there was a loud applause from the ecstatic gathering.

The balvikas and youth wing of Gujarat presented a superb drama in His presence.Their narration was good, the arrangement and preparations were excellent.

The drama depicting the futility of political parties and their hypocrisy and the frustration leading to sathya sai institution revolutionizing the entire world with its basic tenets of sathya Dharam , shanthi and Prema conquering and leading the world In future was well presented.

The eye grabber was a small baby girl in red/ orange robes playing Swami in the drama. Very pretty and good.The excellent dancer in this drama got a special gift of a gold chain and vibhuti from swami.There was ‘prasad distribution’ and mangal arathi to conclude the wonderful session.

This will remain etched in our memories for a long time.

Hope you liked my narration too!


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