Mysore: The City Of Palaces and Lakes

This ‘dasara’ was good albeit our visit to the famous Mysore City was a day after the annual feastival.
I want to recall first that we as a family went by a special train on Oct 14 that took 3 Hours to reach there.
We stayed at our dear cousin and Sis -in-law Suresh and Gita’s residence.

We went for a stroll on KR statue Circle and Palace the same evening.
Hey, Indra’s Cafe is quite economical and serves tasty spicy ‘Chaat’ items if you are in the mood, we found out.

The next day was only even better…We went over to the recently renovated Karanji Kere lake .
the Zoo authority for once have made a swell job this time and have developed a dilapidated, negelected lake into a wonderful picnic spot.
The lush green grass and tall trees surrounding the rejuvenated cleaned-up lake is a welcome haunt for those of us who were City Stressed-out.
There is boating too available and the fare is cheap like most things in Mysore.

There is an enclosure for some birds there and we saw many a peacock lazing around on the ground and the branches of the trees. There were Black Bill and cranes and other migratory birds as well.
Quite a scenic spot; and the kids and adults can enjoy the environs and facilities here equally.

The evening was sent in the bustling world famous Brindavan gardens ( KRS).
There were specail buses for ‘dasara’ and the crowd was only seen to be believed. The place was packed.

The lights have been changed and I for one felt the wattage could be increased to avoid dark patches and shadowy areas. They are colourful and pleasing all the same. The Fountains were as good as they have always been and and the specialty musical fountains only better than I have watched before.
Exciting and exhilarating stuff, really!
Two and half days passed like a dream , quite quickly…

Mysore is Mysore..Cool, calm and peaceful.

Hope it stays that way, at least for the sake of us Bangaloreans who have lost all that in our own city at the altar of Development and IT boom…


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